Custom Indoor Floor Mats for Entrances and Hallways

Custom Indoor Floor Mats

As a business owner and operator, you are probably bombarded with ideas and suggestions for improvements and enhancements to your marketing efforts several times a day. The newspapers and magazines are clamoring for your attention to fill their available ad space. Then there is television and radio, and, most recently, the internet became lauded as the greatest marketing tool in your hands that will make a difference like nothing before it.

Personalized Rugs for a Churches

Online advertising and promotion seem to be slowly but surely pushing out all other approaches from the past – many people will tell you that websites and social media today are what Yellow Pages and billboards were to businesses some twenty years ago.

Importantly, online ads and all the other digital promotion stops being your focus once the customer steps into your door. But, what should you do after they do walk into your entry? Well, there is one focus of attention that the vast majority of your walk-in customers will have – the floor, which is why we at Rug Rats offer custom logo rugs and personalized door mats for entrances and hallways.

Why does one need a custom indoor floor mat?

Take a look; it’s exciting stuff.  When going over this question, we would like to stress that our floor mats are not for decoration purposes only. They actually do serve all the regular purposes as well – they create that generally inviting atmosphere of prestige, comfort, safety, and warmth.Custom Floor Mat You do not necessarily need to use your floor mat for things like your logo or business name (after all, the customer is already in the store). Still, you can use it to give directions to different areas of the store, mention the best feature of the store, and, incidentally, welcome every customer and thank him/her for his/her business.

There are a multitude of choices to make when it comes to the materials, sizes, colors, shapes, and actual placement (you can even put one of our rugs outside if you want) when it comes to customizing a floor mat for your business. Your store or office entrance is the first impression you and your company can make – so make it stand out. Use this opportunity to create the mood that you find most favorable for creating purchasing decisions when it comes to your particular situation.

Why choose floor mats from Rug Rats

Floor MatIf you are in the market for top-quality custom floor mats for your entrance or hallways, try to find someone that beats our approach (which has customers talking and coming back for more).

If you ask us for a free quote – we get back to you within twenty-four hours (usually much less). If you send us some artwork you want to include on the floor mat, we can even create a computer rendering for it (also for free). We, at Rug Rats, take pride in what we do, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed with the quality, efficiency, or pricing. Make use of the excellent opportunity to create a positive impression in your customers’ minds right away – get a custom floor mat for your entrance or hallway today!

Contact us with any remaining questions that you have on getting a custom rug for your business. Our experts will get back to you soon with design ideas, prices, and more.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


About Sandy Henderson

Sandy Henderson is owner of Rug Rats Fine Carpet and Rugs, a small town business with a national presence. Sandy was drawn to materials and design and wanted to explore how we can take charge of the beauty and happiness of our own homes. She earned a degree in Clothing and Textiles, from historic Longwood College (founded over two hundred years ago as a teachers’ college in Farmville, Virginia). Sandy now draws on her 36 years in the custom rug business to help clients all over the US with their custom & logo rug decisions.

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