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How to Lower Maintenance Costs with a Customized Door Mat

Replacing or refurbishing the floor in your business can be very costly. Therefore, it is critically important that you protect your floor with preventive maintenance.
Business Custom Door Mats
By far, the most effective floor maintenance tool you can employ is a customized door mat placed at every entrance. Door mats trap dirt, oil, and grime before these damaging agents have a chance to get worked into your carpet fibers or scuff your tile floor.

Customized Door Mats

The best part about using custom welcome mats for preventive maintenance is they require no staff time, unlike tasks like vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping. In fact, they significantly cut down on these time-consuming and costly tasks.

Business Logo Rugs

You simply place your customized door mats where you want them and then essentially forget about them, except for the occasional washing. They continually guard your floors with no additional effort! You can also put them on double duty by letting us incorporate a high-resolution version of your logo on your custom mats.

Reduce dirt and residue with a customized door mat

An estimated 80% of dirt brought into a facility is transported in on your visitors’ footwear!  The average price to eliminate this debris and dirt is estimated to be 63 cents for every visitor who walks into your facility each year. This adds up to a lot of money in a hurry!
Business Logo Mats
personalized door mat at every door can drastically reduce this statistic for your business.

Floor upkeep is a high dollar expenditure for any company but perhaps an even greater concern is potential slip and fall accidents.  According to the National Safety Council, Data Sheet 595, customized door mats help remove rain and snow from shoes, decreasing the likelihood that someone will slip as they enter your business. They also trap dust, oil, and other substances that can make the soles of one’s shoes more slippery.

According to Clean Link and Steve Spencer from State Farm Insurance, you can minimize dirt in your facility with Entrance Mats.

Reduce maintenance costs with a customized door mat

  1. Minimizes maintenance expenses
  2. Greatly improves safety overall
  3. Decreases slip and fall accidents
  4. Generates a striking first impression
  5. Leave visitors with a positive lasting impression
  6.  Creates a better interior air quality for your employees and guests

Customized Door Mat Options

American Collectors Customized Door Mat

Our durable Digiprint logo mats represent the best in style, performance, and design. Digiprint logo rugs are constructed from the very best materials that will help highlight and protect your flooring.

Customized Door Mat

Piazza custom logo rugs are a high-quality logo rug option.  Regardless of what environmental requirements your area needs for floor coverings, Piazza is the #1 option!

DeWolfs Customized Door Mat

Personalized Waterhog mats are manufactured by using a unique inlay process involving hand-cutting various pieces of materials which are pieced together just like a puzzle. The Waterhog design is molded to the solid rubber backing.

Our logo rug products provide flexibility that will serve your specific area.  In addition, a custom logo mat will make your style and design dreams come to life in any area.

  • Our Commercial Door Mats are Designed for Basic safety, Strength, and Overall performance.
  • Assures protection of the employees and guests
  • Decreases routine maintenance cost
  • Safeguards your floor coverings expense
  • Improves air quality
  • Makes folks feel relaxed and welcome
  • Custom mats impact safety and an all-around purchasing experience.
    Rug Rats offers the highest resolution customized logo mats on the market. Contact us today and let us know your needs. We’ll design a rug that fits your business perfectly while at the same time lowering your maintenance costs!Business Personalized Logo RugsBrowse through our custom rug gallery for a better look at our custom rug portfolio. This will give you a good idea of the styles, patterns, and colors you most like. You can also send us a totally unique idea and we can turn your idea into a custom mat for your business!

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