Does Your Company Need a Personalized Business Logo Mat?

Business logo mats convey a positive first impression that can help you gain more clients and make more sales — if the quality and design are top-notch! We’ve been in the custom rug business for more than thirty years. Our founder has a degree in textiles and is well known for her professional creations. She accepts nothing less than excellence in every business rug created.

Business Logo Mats

When a person takes their first step into a business or merely peeks in at the door, more than half of their buying decisions are made at that exact moment. That split-second first impression they get sets the stage for every other interaction they have with your business.
business logo mats

For doctor and lawyer offices, people want to know, is this the kind of professional place that will take good care of me? If you own a specialty shop like a surf shop or a furniture store, shoppers will linger more if they have a “feel good” moment while entering your store. Window shoppers will become real shoppers and sales will go up!

Below, you will find a list of some types of custom logo rugs we offer. If you don’t find exactly what you need, please give us a call so we can create a “one-of-a-kind original” rug specifically for your business.

We’ve been doing this for more than thirty years and we are proud to say we have helped thousands of businesses increase their bottom line.

Real Estate Business Logo Mats

Branding is everything in real estate! Magnify and enhance all your other advertising efforts with a professional logo rug at the entrance to your office. Tell your potential customers what sets you apart from all the other realtors in town! Give them a reason to trust you more than them!

Keller Williams Real Estate Logo Rug

Physician Office Custom Rugs

The professional image of a physician’s office is paramount to its success. Enhance your reputation and put your potential patients at ease with a professional logo rug that shows them they made the right decision coming to your office.

Physician Offie Cutom Door Mat

Law Office Custom Business Logo Mats

People often seek out lawyers when they really need help and are at their most vulnerable. They are looking for a law office they can trust with their most private information. Give potential clients instant confidence by presenting a highly professional first impression.

Law Office Custom Floor Mat

Insurance Office Custom Logo Mats

People want to deal with insurance representatives who truly care about them and their families. If they have a car accident or something happens to their home, can they count on you? Will you care and really take care of their needs? Show your human side on your logo rug.

Custom Insurance Office Floor Mat

Church Custom Logo Rugs

Make newcomers feel welcome and want to come back. Give your long-time parishioners newfound pride in their place of worship. Add a thought-provoking message to your logo rug that will spread your values beyond the church.

Bible Baptist Church Custom Logo Mat

Car Dealership Custom Logo Mats

Whether you’re a new car dealership or a used car lot, you can set just the right tone with your rug that will put your potential clients in more of a buying mood. Keep your sales force in the right frame of mind too.

Land Rover Dealership Custom Logo Rug

Veterinarian Custom Business Logo Mats

Did you know that many people check out three or more vets before they choose one? Many people are as protective of their furbabies as they are their children! Touch their hearts and show them how well you’ll take care of their pets.

Veterinarian Vustom Logo Rugs

Beauty Shop Custom Logo Rugs

Demonstrate your professional side with a touch of creativity. Let potential customers know they’ve come to a stylin’ place and they’ll leave with a great new look if they put their faith in your services.

Beauty Shop Custom Logo Mat

Barber Shop Custom Rugs

Men may not admit it out loud but they are just as particular about their hair as women are! Appeal to their masculine ego and let them know they’re going to look good when they’re done getting a trim or haircut from your shop.
Barber Shop Custom Rug

Dental Office Custom Rugs

Did you know that many people decide to go to the dentist but chicken out at the very last minute? It’s true! Put those nerves at ease with a professional yet friendly custom logo rug! The more comfortable you can make potential clients feel, the more business you’ll attract.
 Dental Office Logo Rug

Bank Custom Logo Rugs

While most banks are affiliated with national or regional chains, going to the local bank branch is a very personal endeavor for most people. Instill confidence by setting a highly professional yet friendly tone. You can also enhance your image with the addition of a tribute to the local community on your custom rug.

Commerce Bank Logo Rug

Daycare Center Custom Rugs

A parent’s decision about daycare centers is all about safety and fun. Parents want their children to be fully protected at all times but they also want them to have a good time. Let your logo rug reflect this type of playful yet safe environment.

Day Care Custom Logo Rug

Nursing Home Custom Logo Rugs

Adult children of the elderly almost always do an in-person inspection of a nursing home before making that all-important decision about where to place Mom or Dad. Let them know their parent will be comfortable, happy, and safe with a logo rug that reflects the kind of home you are.

Nursing Home Lobby Custom Rug

Restaurant Custom Rugs

People don’t just visit restaurants to eat! They go for the ambiance too! They go to hang out with friends and family or meet with their business contacts. Give them exactly what they want with a great-looking logo rug to welcome them.

Restaurant Custom Logo Mat

Garden Center Custom Logo Mats

Going to a garden center is an experience that can take a while. Make it an enjoyable experience and your customers will explore and take home even more.

Garden Center Custom Logo Mat

Automotive Repair Business Logo Mats

Everyone hates it when their car breaks down or they have to go in for maintenance. Make the experience more enjoyable with a very pleasant waiting room highlighted with a custom rug.

Auto Repair Custom Logo Business Mat Auto Repair Custom Rug

Specialty Store Custom Rugs

Cater to your specific target audience with a custom logo rug that hits all the right buttons of the exact type of people you most want to reach! We can help you be totally unique and stand out from your competitors.

Country Store Custom Logo Rug

Our phones and email are always ready to accept your messages! Tell us about your business. Who are your target clients or customers? What makes your business unique? What type of atmosphere do you want to create in your office or retail store?

Our rugs are the most durable on the market. Further, we use the highest resolution possible to print your logo and the other graphical elements on your custom log rug. This puts your best face forward as the second potential clients or customers walk through your door.

Contact us and we can discuss your specific needs. You can contact us here.


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