Iconic and Vintage Car Logo Rugs

Vintage Car Logo Rugs – High Resolution & Customized

Vintage car logo rugs speak directly to the heart! Car enthusiasts have a deep emotional bond with the cars they love. It’s the same with truck enthusiasts too. This is probably why men refer to their favorite cars as “she” rather than “he,” just as old-time sailors gave their trusty ships female names.
Vintage Trans Am Logo Rug


Car Logo Rugs Make Great Gifts For a Car Enthusiast
Custom Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Rug

Are you looking for a very special gift for your significant other? Your child? Your sibling? If your gift recipient is a car enthusiast, you have landed on the right webpage!

We offer custom car logo rugs printed with the highest resolution on the market! We take great pride in the quality of the materials we use in our car rugs and make sure the car logo pops! We offer these stunning car rugs in any custom size you desire. We can even cut them into a custom shape. If you want your gift recipient’s name on the rug, we can add that too, or any other writing you think would appeal to them.

Americans Have a Love Affair With Cars

Ford Mustang Logo Rug

Cars are part of Americana, the social fabric of our country! We love our cars, and we love our trucks as much as we love baseball, football, and apple pie! Everyone has their favorite cars, of course, and their favorite car logos. We all have vivid memories of our first car and the thrill and freedom that the car gave us. Car logo rugs are perfect for man caves, workshops, hobby rooms, home bars, game rooms, car restoration shops, dorm rooms, bachelor pads, and bedrooms. We also offer truck logo rugs, like an all-time favorite, Ford truck logo rugs.

Iconic and Vintage Car Logo Rugs

Custom Vintage Thunderbird Logo Rug

Our car logo rugs can be fully customized to feature the logo of any car you want! Are you a sports car aficionado or a sports car collector? How about a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am rug? A Corvette, Ferrari, Jaguar, Thunderbird logo rug? Perhaps you prefer muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro. We make luxury car logo rugs, too: BMW, Cadillac, Porsche, and Rolls Royce. Antique cars like the famous Ford Model T set can also be put on a custom car logo rug. Are you a 007 James Bond fan? How about an Aston Martin Vanquish logo rug?


Car Logo Rugs & Truck Logo Rugs For Dealerships

Custom Porsche Logo Rug

Nothing sets off a showroom full of beautiful cars and trucks like car logo rugs. These rugs will amplify the sex appeal of the cars and trucks you sell! Car logo rugs also serve a practical purpose. They significantly reduce the dirt that gets tracked in from the outdoors! To sell cars, you need to keep them shiny and clean. Our car logo rugs and truck logo rugs help you do this. Put a logo rug outside each entrance and another rug inside each entrance. Not only will these custom rugs create an inviting atmosphere for your customers, but they will also clean the soles of your customers’ shoes even if they don’t stop to wipe their feet!

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The best way to contact Rug Rats is through this contact form. Describe what you’re looking for and if you want to customize your car or truck rug.

If you’ve seen an image on our site you particularly liked, let us know. You can also email us an image you like. Please don’t be shy about telling us about your car enthusiast so we can help design something specifically suited for him (or her). Once we understand exactly what you want, our design team will get to work!

We look forward to working with you. Car logo rugs are always fun projects.

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