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Are You Ready To Decorate with a Petroliana Logo Rug?

We offer vintage gas station logo rugs of every variety, including Standard, Shell, Phillips 66,  Sinclair, and Texaco. Our rugs are printed in the highest possible resolution, so these logos pop! We also offer a variety of custom rugs featuring a variety of petroliana artwork, from antique road maps to old petroleum signs.

Vintage Sinclair Logo Rug

Vintage Gas Station Rugs Have That Nostalgic Allure

If you have someone always talking about the “good old days,” a petroliana logo rug will put a smile on their face. Everyone used to be so friendly and kind everywhere you went. Uniformed gas station attendants cheerfully pumped your gas, washed your windshield, and checked your oil without you even asking them to. They’d also shoot the breeze with you if there weren’t a line — and then send you on your merry way with a free map. Our vintage gas station logo rugs bring back those days of yore.

Do You Have a Petroliana Themed Room?
Shell Oil Logo Rug

Nothing accents a petroliana-themed room better than our vintage gas station logo rugs! These custom petroliana logo rugs are perfect for man caves, rec rooms, home bars, game rooms, garages, or a special bedroom. You can also use them to start a petroliana-themed room. Use the petroliana rug as a fun central focal point in the room while you set about to add to the petroliana collection you’ve also dreamed about.

Texaco Logo Rug

Bring on the legendary Texaco hexagon star, those antique porcelain petroleum signs, oil cans, pump plates, and the infamous Sinclair dinosaur!

Petroliana Collectors Will Love These Logo Rugs!
Texaco Logo Rug

Rug Rats’ vintage gas station rugs are the perfect gift for the petroliana collector in your life. With our ability to customize your rug, you can personalize a gas station logo rug for your recipient in any way you want. Add their name or add an old slogan. Just let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to make your custom rug the absolute perfect gift. It will become their favorite feature in their room full of petroliana memorabilia.
Vintage Gulf Gas Logo Rug

Contact Rug Rats Today

Rug Rats aims to please.  We provide custom logo rugs printed with the highest resolution available on the market. If you have a petroleum logo, vintage gas station artwork, an old fuel advertisement, or another petroliana image you’d like on a rug, email us a copy, and we can send you a free quote. Or buy one of our standard Vintage Gas Station Logo Rugs in our shopping area.
We love helping people decorate in their unique style.

The best way to contact Rug Rats is through this contact form. Describe what you’re looking for and if you want to customize your vintage petroliana rug.


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