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How to Easily Create a School Locker Room Logo Rug

Enhance the school sports experience with a School Locker Room Logo Rug

Attending any school is an astounding experience that most of us embark on at some point in our lives. Whether we are obligated to attend or have fantasized about for years; there is no question that the experience lasts a lifetime. You will never forget the way your economics professor made those charts and graphs sound so interesting. Or how the campus quad perfectly defined the charm and personality of your institution. These memories will be forever, and these little details are often what make or break the student experience.  Do you remember your school locker room logo rug?

Introducing, school locker room logo rugs from Rug Rats.


JSU school locker room logo rug

JSU Baseball Locker Room

Walk onto any campus, like Jacksonville State in
Alabama. You’re going to notice instantly the Game Cocks football stadium. You’re going to notice the lush greenery sprawling across campus, especially in the fall. You’ll absolutely love the casual southern charm of faculty and staff, along with the obvious Jacksonville State pride. Pride is displayed every day on banners, signs, and face paint. Another way of showing pride, while enhancing the institutional environment, is professionally crafted college logo rugs. Campus visitors, employees, and students are welcomed at each entrance with vibrant school colors, mascots, slogans, or logos. A school locker room logo rug is the perfect message and a must-have for any institution.


Longwood University school locker room logo rug

Longwood University Basketball locker Room

Longwood University is another great example. The Lancers are serious about their sports, and a top contender in the Big South Conference. Much like other top universities, the Lancers make sure to have durable long-lasting rugs in their locker rooms for both home and away athletes. Not only do these serve as a much-needed safety element for the hard floors, but they also provide a memorable impact on the athletes that use them. The great thing about these locker room rugs is that they are completely customizable. Besides your school logo; custom logo rugs can be a simple message, a statement, a founding date, specific wording, or even achievements or awards. So get creative, and start thinking about ways to personalize your locker room experience.


Duquesne Men's Basketrball Lounge

Duquesne Men’s Basketrball Lounge

Custom school locker room rugs are durable and long-lasting. That means the wear and tear on your existing floors will be minimized for years to come. Just outside of Pittsburg, Duquesne University is a top-rated institution with one of the best online programs available. Having such a renowned online experience has not limited Duquesne’s beautiful on-campus experience. Why? Because they tend to the details. Entryways are meticulously crafted with school spirit. Rugs are mandatory. But the design elements are not. A lackluster black rug from the department store is just not going to have the same impact and longevity as a custom-made option with your school branding. In essence, these little details are what make up the institution’s perceived quality and value.

school Locker Room Logo Rug

Hampden Sydney College Basketball Locker Room Rug

It’s time to mind the details with custom-made college and locker room rugs. Get a quote today.

Smoky Mountain High School Sylva, NC

Smoky Mountain High School Sylva, NC


No matter what logo rug you choose you’ll find the same:
• Revolutionary, HD digital printing.
• Plush carpet with 10 times the resolution of anywhere else.
• 32 oz. per square yard – The heaviest mat in the industry!
• Treated with StainStopper™.
• Easy to clean! Vacuum or steam clean.
• Rugs are made to order with FREE SHIPPING!

Hampden Sydney New
HSC Soccer Logo Rug
So what are you waiting for?
Contact Rug Rats about creating your school locker room logo rug!

Every school needs custom logo mats, why don’t you make it a custom logo rug including your school logo. Email Rug Rats today to get started on your custom school entrance mat.


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