A Winning Tradition: H-SC Basketball Locker Room Logo Rug

Success in college basketball is as much about recruiting the right players as it is about strategy, coaching, and development. Without high-quality athletes, winning is difficult. College coaches realize this and that is why they are always looking for any advantage available in recruiting quality players.

Hampden Sydney College Basketballl Court

Hampden Sydney College Basketball Court

These advantages become even more important when recruiting for a lower-division college. Smart coaches understand that not every player can have the opportunity to compete at the major Division 1 college basketball level.

This means that there is a wealth of talent available for lower-division colleges. These coaches just need to put forth the effort and resources to promote themselves as quality programs.
Custom basketball locker room logo rugs are one simple way that any program can make an immediate and lasting impression.

Hampden-Sydney College Basketball

One small southern college that is propelling its basketball program to ongoing success is the Hampden Sydney College Tigers. Hampden-Sydney College, commonly referred to as H-SC, is a dominant school with a very rich history and tradition.

Hampden Sydney College Logo

Hampden Sydney College Logo

H-SC is a liberal arts college for men in Hampden Sydney, Virginia. The university was founded in 1775 making it the oldest private charter college in the Southern United States. It is also the 10th oldest college in the entire nation. In fact, it was the last college founded before the Revolutionary War. Currently, it is one of only 3 four-year all-male liberal arts colleges.

Despite being a Division 3 basketball program, the H-SC Tigers have had a great deal of success on the court. This can be attributed to great coaches, players, and the community all coming together to develop an outstanding program.

We also like to think that our H-SC basketball locker room logo rug has a little something to do with it.

Hampden Sydney New

Hampden Sydney Basketball Locker Room Logo Rug

H-SC Basketball Success

It is hard to argue with the numbers. Led by Dee Vick, in his 9th season as a head basketball coach, the H-SC Tigers have won 10 Old Dominion Athletic Conference Championships, made 14 NCAA tournament appearances, and advanced to the NCAA Final Four twice.

Coach Dee Vick on his 100th Career Win

Coach Dee Vick on his 100th Career Win

You cannot earn these types of accomplishments without creating a winning environment that players want to be a part of. As a 1994 H-SC graduate, Head Coach Dee Vick understands this. That is why he makes sure that his locker room is just as flashy, memorable, and professional as any major program in the country. Their HSC basketball locker room logo rug is one important way he does this.

Hampden Sydney New

Hampden Sydney Basketball Locker Room Logo Rug

Custom Basketball Locker Room Logo Rugs for Your Program

What Hampden Sydney College knows is that to compete with the major programs you have to think like the major programs. When you walk into a top basketball program’s locker room you immediately notice they project a big-time image. You cannot project this type of image with a regular carpet or a dull black or gray rug. A vibrant floor that demonstrates pride in your school and program is necessary.

school Locker Room Logo Rug

Previous Hampden Sydney College Basketball Locker Room Rug

Custom locker room logo rugs make an impact on your players and recruits while branding your basketball program. It is your attention to detail that will ultimately decide the perceived quality and value of your basketball program in the mind of your recruits and supporters.

Our locker room rugs combine practical function with stunning visuals that transform your locker room. They are created from the finest materials using the highest quality HD digital printers. Every rug is made to meet your unique specifications. They are built to last with an eye-catching appearance.

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Contact us today and find out how you can take your basketball program to the next level like Hampden-Sydney College has done with their H-SC basketball locker room logo rug.


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