When it Pays to Create Logo Floor Mats for Schools

Show School Pride With Entrance Logo Rugs

Fairfax High School

Fairfax High School

Logo floor mats for schools are the perfect accessory to create a more professional learning and administrative environment within your school.

These are extremely high-quality school entrance mats that reflect your school’s colors, logo, and mascot.  Especially relevant is custom floor mats are printed using high-tech printers with a powerful interface that produces images at 10 times the resolution of most competing printers. This produces a sharp image that will look like an exact reproduction of your logo or mascot artwork.

Also, these high-quality custom floor mats can be used both inside and outside. Logo rugs are perfect for all entrances from your administrative offices to your locker rooms or gym. Customize your shape, size, and material for maximum flexibility. Custom floor mats are an excellent way to set your school apart from the competition.

Custom Door Mats – Welcome Visitors to Your School

Saints School Entrance Mats

Saints School Logo Floor Mat

The first thing visitors see when they come into your building is your entrance. This gives you an excellent opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

Custom school entrance mats are a proven way to do this.  Logo rugs project a positive image that lets everyone know you are committed to providing a high-quality learning environment. Custom welcome mats demonstrate to students and staff, that you take pride in the appearance of your school. Everyone who enters your school will be greeted by a school floor mat that represents your school’s unique logo.

School Entrance Logo Rugs- Show School Pride

School Customized Floor Mat

WHK Elementary School Logo Floor Mat

Every school works hard to generate pride in its students, staff, and the local community. School entrance mats show school pride by blasting out your school’s colors and logo to everyone who walks through the door. You might even have alumni, staff, and local businesses begging you for their own school-branded mat. This pride makes all of your ambassadors for your school.
Martin Luther King College Prep Logo Rug

We ship our logo floor mats for schools to any location nationwide and provide free artwork renderings. Just send us your school’s information, and we will send you a rug proof of what your custom rug will look like. If you have any questions, we respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

School Entrance Logo Rugs- Increase School Spirit
JSU Baseball locker room

JSU Baseball locker room

Also, any time you decorate your school with your colors, logo, or mascot, your help to generate school spirit. School spirit is very powerful because it improves the learning environment. This is another of the reasons schools work so hard to create this spirit.

Longwood University Basketball locker Room

Longwood University Basketball locker Room

Therefore a school floor mat takes your floor space and turns it into a billboard for school spirit. Everyone will be able to see the level of detail that the school takes in promoting spirit among staff and students. This is a great achievement for any school.

Logo Floor Mats for Schools – Keep Your School Clean and Safe

Duquesne Men's Basketball Lounge

Duquesne Men’s Basketball Lounge

Also, our logo floor mats for schools also fulfill a functional purpose. Custom floor mats do a great job of keeping the 80% of dirt, dust, and debris that is usually tracked into your building through your main doors out. This is great for your custodian because instead of sweeping up all of the time, he or she can focus on more important duties.

school Locker Room Logo Rug

Hampden Sydney Basketball Locker Room Rug

Logo floor mats for schools also work as a barrier that protects your floor. Think of how many students are trampling through your doorways every day.

It really does not matter if your floor is carpet, tile, laminate, or wood it is being damaged by all of this traffic. Eventually, it will need to be repaired. However, our high-quality mats protect your floor from wear and tear and make it more durable. The floors will not be damaged by all of those students’ shoes. Your one-time investment in a school entrance mat will save you money in floor repairs over the long term.

Finally, these rugs also keep kids safe. 8 million people are seen in emergency rooms every year due to slips and falls. You probably see students slipping all over the place, especially in inclement weather. Having a mat available to your students gives them a place to wipe and dry their feet as they enter.

This also prevents them from tracking water into the school that other students or visitors could end up slipping on. Along with generating school pride and spirit our rugs also increase cleanliness and safety.

School Entrance Logo Rugs for Your School

Garth Brooks with OSU Rug

Garth Brooks with OSU Rug

Finally, you can see logo floor mats provide many benefits to your school. A custom door mat is a  functional product that protects your floor and students while also welcoming visitors and generating school pride and spirit. A great-looking logo mat is a welcoming ambassador for your school. Our logo mats are printed with the highest quality digital printers available, making them an extremely high-quality product.
School Logo Rug

We have no problems matching your school’s exact colors, logo, or mascot. Please contact us today and we are happy to get started right away on your new school entrance mat.

Do you need a custom welcome doormat for school?  Send your logo. We will send you free e-mail rug proofs and the very best logo mat prices you will find online. Quick turnaround on orders!  Custom logo mats are received in 2 weeks or less from the time of order. Contact us today.


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