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How Can Custom Business Floor Mats Help Your Business

Custom Business Floor Mats Provide Constant Branding

Strategically placed custom business floor mats can provide branding with every step. Place a sizeable attractive logo mat at your outside entrance so that every person who passes by can’t help but notice the striking rendition of your professional logo. Your business image and slogan will be firmly planted in their mind the next time they need your products or services.

Golds Gym Entrance Logo Rug

Golds Gym Entrance Logo Rug

As you know, branding is all about repetition. You can put a custom logo rug inside your front door so your branding message is reinforced first as your customers walk in and then again when they walk out. For an even stronger branding message, you can place additional business logo mats at your reception desk, near your cash register, and in other highly visible spots.

Country Store Custom Logo Rug

Country Store Custom Logo Rug

Use Custom Business Floor Mats To Create Any Atmosphere You Desire For Your Business

Custom Rugs For Country Clubs

Custom Rugs For Country Clubs

Custom-designed floor mats can dramatically change the “feel” of a business. Do you want your business to feel sophisticated, classy, and elegant? Do you want to create instant trust by presenting a highly polished professional image? One of the easiest ways to achieve the exact atmosphere you want is to contact Rug Rats and let Sandy Henderson and her team design some tasteful floor mats customized for your business.

Do you want to create a space that makes your clients so comfortable that they’ll feel like your business is their home away from home? If so, a custom floor mat can help you instantly convey an inviting feeling when your customers walk through the door.

Beauty Salon Logo Rug

Beauty Salon Logo Rug

Waiting rooms at the doctor’s office can be made to feel “homey,” so they help patients feel less anxious.

Foot Doctor Custom Logo Rug

Foot Doctor Custom Logo Rug

Business floor mats at veterinarian offices can be designed to convey a proper understanding of why people love their dogs and cats so much.

Veterinarian Business Floor Mat

Vet Clinic Custom Welcome Mat

Custom Logo Rugs Help You Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Do you have a business in a highly competitive industry, such as a real estate agency or a car dealership?

Keller Williams Real Estate Logo Rug

Real Estate Logo Rugs

Gain a competitive edge with high-resolution business logo rugs that instantly convey your field superiority. Go big and bold and knock your customers’ socks off as soon as they walk in! Wow them!

Custom Restaurant Door Mat

Restaurant Custom Logo Rugs

Are you a restaurant owner looking for great free “word of mouth” advertising?

That’s the best kind, right? Let Sandy Henderson and her team at Rug Rats design you some one-of-a-kind super original business rugs that no one will forget! You’ll be that restaurant that people recommend, saying, “You’ll love the atmosphere as much as the food!”

Custom Business Floor Mats Can Send a Special Message to Your Customers

Military Logo Rugs

Military Logo Rugs

Does your business serve an area near a military base? Rug Rats has built a reputation for making genuinely outstanding military rugs featuring high-resolution military logos and other military symbols.

You could reach out to this special community of customers by placing a military appreciation rug in your business. You can also show team spirit for your community’s high school or college teams with a rug featuring their mascot or logo. These sorts of obvious gestures create goodwill in the community.

Martin Luther King College Prep Logo Rug

Martin Luther King College Prep Logo Rug

Rug Rats can also design seasonal or holiday-themed business rugs. These custom mats can help endear you to your repeat customers and impress your new customers. If you donate a certain percentage of your profits to a charity or support a certain cause, don’t hesitate to ask Rug Rats to print this fact on your business floor rugs.

Show your customers your heart. If your business caters to tourists, you can feature a landmark in your area or another local icon on your custom business rugs. The tourists will find it charming, and the locals will appreciate the community pride.

Make a Great First Impression With High-Resolution Custom Business Floor Mats

Rugs handcrafted by Rug Rats are printed in high resolution. A custom logo rug with such extraordinary resolution conveys professionalism. It shows you take immense pride in your business.

Brady National Bank Logo Rug

Brady National Bank Rug

When a potential new customer checks out your business for the first time, a well-designed custom logo mat can be the most obvious element in your business that makes a long-lasting impression on this new customer. The professionalism and quality of Rug Rats’ business floor rugs will help assure your customers that you’re a business that cares enough to take care of their needs.
Friedmans Appliance

Sandy Henderson is the founder of Rug Rats, and she’s been custom-designing floor mats for businesses since 1987. No one in the business knows more about how to make a custom business rug turn out perfectly than Sandy and her team at Rug Rats. Sandy describes Rug Rats as a “small-town business with a national presence.” As a customer of Rug Rats, you’ll receive personalized attention to ensure the finished product fits your business perfectly and is done to perfection.

Business Logo Rugs Serve a Practice Purpose Too

Grove Avenue Family Dentistry Logo Rug

Grove Avenue Family Dentistry Logo Rug

Rug Rats’ rugs are made with rugged, long-lasting materials and will protect your floors from costly damage. They’ll also reduce the staff time you must devote to cleaning the floors. Dirt and grit can scratch a wooden or laminate floor in a hurry. Mud and oil residues tracked in from the parking lot can ruin a carpet in a single season. The Two-Mat System is a vital and practical strategy for maintaining facility cleanliness.

Rug Rat’s custom door mats are designed to prevent this dirt and grime from being tracked throughout your business. The protection they give to your floors and carpeting will more than pay for the custom business floor rugs.
Minimize Dirt with Walk-Off Matting by Clean Link

Custom floor mats with good traction and moisture-absorbing qualities also help to prevent slip and fall accidents. The last thing you need is a customer or an employee hurting themselves in your business. High-quality floor rugs for your business significantly reduce this possibility. Even if it’s raining or sleeting outside, these rugs will trap the water that so often causes accidents right at the front entrance on a slip-resistant rug which doubles as a work of art.

Every Business Logo Rug Is Handcrafted and Custom Designed At Rug Rats!

Mascot Shaped School Logo Rug

Custom Shaped Logo Rugs

Rug Rats is known for its quality craftsmanship and striking designs! We invite you to browse through our online galleries featuring custom rugs we’ve created for our clients. This will help you visualize how much a custom floor mat can personalize a business and give it instant character! Rug Rats can even cut a rug into a custom shape to fit around furniture or other objects.

Contact Rug Rats today to discuss your customs business floor rug. Tell us about your business, your customers or clients, and what you have in mind. If you need suggestions, just let us know. You can also share your artwork, such as your logo, as an attachment in your email. We look forward to working with you!


About the author - Sandy Henderson

The author Sandy Henderson is owner of Rug Rats Fine Carpet and Rugs, a small town business with a national presence. Sandy was drawn to materials and design and wanted to explore how we can take charge of the beauty and happiness of our own homes. She earned a degree in Clothing and Textiles, from historic Longwood College (founded over two hundred years ago as a teachers’ college in Farmville, Virginia). Sandy now draws on her 36 years in the custom rug business to help clients all over the US with their custom & logo rug decisions.