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Your Guide to Buying the Best Front Door Mats

According to one study, the transfer rate from your shoe to a clean tile is between 90 and 99%, meaning that dirty shoes will likely transfer that dirt or bacteria onto your clean floors.

If you want to keep your floors as clean as possible, you should consider buying some front door mats. Front door mats are designed to prevent this dirt and grime from being tracked throughout your whole business, home, or building. The protection they confer to your floors and carpeting will more than pay for the cost of these custom floor mats. Minimize Dirt with Walk-Off Matting by Clean Link

However, keeping your place clean isn’t the only benefit a front door mat can offer. Keep reading to find out what you should buy and the benefits it’ll bring!

Decide on the Style for your Front Door Mat

Once you’ve decided on the type of custom door mat you want, you’ll also have to choose the style as well.

They can come in all kinds of different styles of indoor and outdoor welcome mats.

They also come in all kinds of shapes.  The most standard one is a rectangle, but you can also get shaped custom welcome mats. However, when you choose a shape, make sure that it will actually fit in the area that you’re planning on putting it in.

You should also find an anti-skid mat so that it doesn’t slide when people are trying to wipe their feet on it.

The most popular type of mat you can get is a logo mat is also great for a lobby, showroom, or store.
Outdoor Front Door Mat

This is a personalized welcome mat that will let you incorporate your company’s logo onto it. Typically these front door mats help protect the finer and smaller particles from traveling around your building.

Having a front door mat will help to give your office a nice, complete visual aspect. Even if the customers or clients don’t realize that the logo is on the mat, subconsciously, they will feel at home with that logo.

These mats come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to match exactly what look you’re going for.

Benefits of a Front Door Mat

At first, getting a door mat might just seem like an added expense.

However, there are many benefits that you can enjoy from having one, including safety, protection, and cleanliness.

Brand Recognition
Keller Williams Front Door Mat

If you do get a door mat with your logo on its front, it will help customers associate your logo with your brand and business.

Branding is important for marketing and keeping customers, so it can be a way to incorporate your logo into your design without making your customers feel overwhelmed.

It will also make your business stand out from other businesses that just have a standard mat.

Stone Mountain Front Door Mat

Each year, millions of people slip and fall, and 5% of those falls actually result in a broken bone. But you can help to avoid that by giving them somewhere to wipe the water off their shoes.

It will also increase the traction between their foot and the floor, which can reduce the probability that they will slip.

You could get a regular door mat that will help protect people from slipping and falling, but you can also make it functional and nice to look at.

Borghese Outdoor Front Door Mat

A door mat also helps offer protection for the floor in a high-traffic area.

Even if you don’t have the best floors, this will help protect it and make it last longer even though hundreds of people might be walking inside it out. Having a door mat on top of the floor will keep it from getting scratched or scuffed from all kinds of different shoes.

If you have a scratched or broken floor, this also leaves a way for water to get in and start causing mold in your business, which can be an even worse problem to have.

This is perfect if you have wooden, stone, or tiled floors.

Good First Impression
Custom Restaurant Custom Welcome Mat

Not only will the door mat be great for brand recognition for previous customers, but it can also help new customers as well.

There are plenty of customizable mats you can choose from to show your customers how professional and unique you are.

When you design yours, make sure that you keep your customer and audience in mind to ensure that it really gets them to notice.


Having your door mat with your familiar logo on it can make them feel like they’re at home for returning customers.

Even if they don’t realize it, adding a door mat makes the business seem homier and gives off a more welcoming atmosphere.

To do that, though, you’ll need to choose the right colors and patterns that aren’t too loud or obnoxious. Instead, go for a more calming or inviting look.

Bump N Grind Collision Personalized Rug

Not only does it help to increase the durability of the floor, but it also helps to keep it cleaner.

Most dirt can come in through the front door, but having a mat there acts as a guard to stop all dirt, water, and grime. This will keep the floors all over your business clean and free from stains or debris.

While you’ll still have to clean the floors, you won’t have to worry about getting any stains out.

Learn More About Purchasing Front Door Mats

These are only a few things to know about purchasing front door mats, but there are many more things to consider!

If you’re looking for someone to make the perfect mat for you to fit all of your needs, we have you covered.

Make sure that you contact us today to get a free quote for your perfect front door mat!


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