Boost Your Brand and Comfort with Custom Rugs for Offices

Whether you want your home office to feel more official or your workspace doesn’t feel welcoming to clients, a properly placed rug can make a big difference in little time. In fact, the first step in creating a welcoming environment is to start with the entryway. 

The trick is determining your reason for adding an office rug. Let us guide you toward the right shape, size, color, and design as well as the best placement within your office.

4 Reasons Every Office Needs a Custom Rug

Customized rugs for offices are often the centerpiece of professional workplaces, but why? Understanding some of the most common reasons businesses invest in custom office rugs may help you see the value of your own professional space. This shortlist will allow you to see how a quality rug from Rug Rats can help support your business goals.

1. Brand Support

All businesses need a strong brand that is memorable for customers. That brand should also bring employees together, giving everyone a reason to work hard and strive for excellence. What better way to keep the brand front and center than to roll out a braided rug in a central location – such as the entrance to your building. 

Custom rugs featuring your logo can grab the attention of visitors, letting them know that they’ve reached the right place. They can also remind employees that they’re part of a dynamic team centered on one well-designed logo and supported by a powerful mission. Your brand can hold a lot of meaning for every member of your company if you allow it to become a part of your culture

2. Professional Aesthetics

The appearance of your office will determine how serious your company is taken. From your employees to customers, investors, and even the mailman, professional décor will encourage others to take your brand seriously. You may even find that you have more confidence in your business and your ability to succeed when you create a comfortable and polished workspace.

A professional appearance doesn’t have to mean expensive furniture or elaborate window coverings. Adding a custom rug can instantly create a sense of welcome that supports the brand and culture of your business. A bland office is quickly transformed with the right rug.

3. Floor Protection

Custom rugs serve a functional purpose. They protect the floor from stains and general wear and tear. That’s important if you rent your office space and don’t want to pay for carpet replacement or floor restoration in areas of heavy foot traffic.

4. Preserving Warmth

Rugs can help hold in warmth to create a more comfortable work environment for every member of your team. While they are often used as accent pieces to create a more upscale and branded feel. They can also be the difference between a cold, unpleasant work environment and a cozy office with elements of the home.

What do you think office rugs could do for your office? The more you understand the answer to that question, the easier time you will have to design and select the right rug.

choosing the right rug for your office

Types of Rugs for Offices

Rug Rats offers a convenient online design tool that allows you to research your options before selecting rugs for offices. Just type in the type of office you want to place the rug in, and we’ll give you example rug options instantly. It’s the perfect way to see what types of rugs are available while seeing how other companies have used logo rugs.

We offer a variety of custom rugs, including: 

The type of rug that you select should correspond to your reason for investing in an office rug. If you want to boost your brand by adding visual interest to a large central space, then a well-designed area rug is likely the best option.

You can also design smaller rugs and place them at entryways or between offices within a larger space. In addition to brand rugs that are customized with your logo or a slogan that represents your business, you can use custom rugs to designate areas, departments, and teams within a large office space.

Get creative and you will likely find many ways to boost morale or maintain organization in your office. If nothing else, the right rug can make your office feel warmer and more professional.

Can You Use Logos on Rugs for Offices?

There are endless design options for office rugs and logo rugs are extremely popular. We have many clients who proudly display their logo. Rug Rats has the design expertise and technology to create quality rugs that feature your logo with vibrant colors and unique shapes or backgrounds.

Our team will work with you to create a custom design that fits well in the space you have available while ensuring your logo is true to your brand. You can’t buy logo rugs at local stores, which ensures your rug is one of a kind.

Logo rugs for offices

Do Office Rugs Make Good Gifts?

Absolutely! We can help you design rugs for offices of any size and in a variety of styles and colors. While you may not want to invest in a large area rug to go in someone else’s workspace, a customized door mat is a great option.

Smaller logo rugs that are easily dropped in any area of an office can also work well as gifts. They show that you put some thought into the gift and didn’t take the easy way out by purchasing something quickly at a local store. Your lucky recipient can decide the best placement for the rug, and a smaller rug won’t take up too much space or overpower the décor already in the office.

You may also consider gifting an office rug if you know someone setting up a new office from scratch. The rug will help them create a professional space even if their starting budget is limited. It may also inspire the rest of their décor.

To learn more about designing custom office rugs that are attractive, functional, and brand-boosting, contact Rug Rats today. We look forward to helping you create a rug that is perfectly suited to your brand and office space.


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