Why You Should Have a Custom Rug for Your Business

Custom Rug for Your Business & Business Logo Mats

How do people feel when they walk into your business? Providing customers, clients, and patients with a great experience are paramount to your success. Creating an environment of welcome should also include a unique representation of your business.

Custom business logo rugs combine the function, fashion, and communication of your brand. Here at Rug Rats, we’d love to help you create a rug to represent who you are. Let’s explore many ways business logo rugs can enhance any workspace.

Custom Business Rugs

Branding is a critical part of your business success, and when you open your doors, the first thing people should see is how you have chosen to display your company to the world. At Rug Rats, we are proud to create the highest quality custom business rug for your business in the industry. Our professional high-definition printing process is known for providing a high-resolution image than our competitors, and our hyper-accurate pigmenting practices mean your logo will be perfectly recreated on your custom door mat.

Custom Business Rugs

These crystal-clear images are perfect as a welcome into your business and a first impression that will attract customers to walk through your doors. We’re detail-oriented, we’re responsible, and we’re ready to take on your project!

Why We Can Make A Personalized Welcome Mat for Your Business
Custom Business Rugs

Just as there should be no limitations on your imagination, there are no limitations to how you can customize the logo on your rug. No matter what effect you’re looking for, our team will have the capability to reproduce it. If you can dream it up, we can print it, along with any other decorative borders or slogans, to add that extra punch that will make your rug all the more eye-catching.

Send us your business logo, background, and colors, and we can send a rug proof back to you within 24 hours.

What Businesses Can We Make a Custom  Floor Mat For

We can make a custom business rug for any business! However, we specialize in the following industries:

Custom Rugs For Government Offices

NOAA Corporate Logo Mats Whether you’re a county or federal government agency, you want to look professional. Having your agency’s logo printed on a custom rug for government offices is an excellent way to communicate who you are at what you do. You wouldn’t attend an annual review meeting wearing sweats and a ripped t-shirt, so why settle for lower-end quality on your logo rug? Your constituents deserve to be represented by a high-resolution logo rug. Making your specific branch of government stand out in quality style communicates pride and confidence in your abilities. All who enter will feel the pride, confidence, and power communicated by your top-of-the-line custom logo rug.
Your custom logo rug won’t only serve a cosmetic purpose. Protecting your floors from wear-and-tear of daily floor traffic is a bonus as well. Your high-resolution logo rug will happily absorb the blows dealt by stiletto heels, snowy stomp-outs, and that mail cart with the squeaky wheel. Creating a custom logo rug for your government agency is a great way to communicate that you care about those entering your doors as well as the floors!

Restaurants, Cafe, Coffee Shops, and Bistros Logo Rugs

Custom Size Rug   The restaurant industry is a competitive business. It’s not enough to have great food and excellent service. You need to draw people into your establishment. You want to invite businesses through eye-catching communication. What better-beckoning beacon than a custom business logo mat? A rug that only your business has. A rug or mat with high-quality graphics that are brand new to the beholder. Communicate your specific style and purpose to patrons before they walk through your doors.
Once you’ve invited your guests inside, create an atmosphere they’ll love with custom indoor rugs. You can have your logo represented in different shapes, sizes, and colors with indoor rugs. Indoor rugs will also keep your employees safe and happy. With high-quality custom rugs, you no longer have to worry about slippery floor spills or sticky spots. Your custodial staff will also thank you for keeping the floors free of dirt and grime. Rug Rat’s custom logo rugs are designed to prevent outside elements from ruining your clean establishment. Customers will be drawn in by your logo rug and enjoy themselves so much that they’ll come back with their friends!

Gyms, Fitness Centers, Dance Studios Custom Door Mats

Custom Logo Door Mat for Pilates Entrance   Even small communities seem to have many fitness options these days. How can you make your exercise or dance studio stand out among them? A custom logo rug is an excellent option! Your custom logo rug will communicate what you do. Thanks to a one-of-a-kind graphic resolution, your patrons will have no doubts about how unique you are. People want their gyms, dance studios, and fitness centers to be the right fit: not too corporate but with a high-end feel. Business logo rugs will create that feeling for you.
Since all Rug Rats rugs are durable and custom-made, everyone will enjoy them! Whether your clientele is traipsing in tap shoes, stomping in sneakers, or back-bending in bare feet, they will enjoy your custom rug!

Country Club Custom Rugs in Stunning Detail

Country Club Custom Rug  Your members deserve the best. They expect it and pay for it, and you want to provide it. How better to provide the best than with a luxury logo rug? Your design will be exclusive to you. Displaying your Country Club’s logo communicates pride in the community you’ve built. A custom logo rug will allow members and their guests to enjoy the experience they’ve come to expect. With graphics resolution ten times higher than a typical rug, everyone will notice the difference.
The environment provided by the spaces in your country club matters. Sometimes, the spaces are unique in shape and size. Rug Rats is happy to work with you to design a 100% custom shape or size for your logo rug. How much more will your members enjoy their next experience knowing their club’s decor is as unique as the environment it’s sitting in? A look and feel exclusive to your organization is key to your members. Let’s make sure everyone looks good. Members will look forward to holding business meetings and social tee times while enjoying that exclusive, high-end custom logo rug.

Medical Practices

Total Wellness Medical Center   As a medical professional, you want your patients to feel comfortable coming to you. With so many options for healthcare, how can you make sure your practice stands out? Place your logo, name, or type of practice on a unique-to-you custom logo rug or doormat. With competitive pricing, you can have what you want without a drain on your budget.
How important is a clean space for your practice? A clean environment helps patients feel safe at their medical professional’s office. A custom logo rug will absorb dirt, grime, and unwanted outside elements from your floors. Clean spaces allow your staff to focus on patients instead of losing their patience with always having to clean dirty floors!

Real Estate Offices

ReMax Real Estate Logo Rug   As a brand ambassador for your real estate company, you need to keep your style unique and professional. A business logo rug is a perfect way to consistently deliver a quality message for your brand. Clients will recognize your logo at each entrance to your office if they’re stepping over it. Consider an interior logo rug or two to create a warm and welcoming environment for those who walk through your doors.
Open houses are an excellent opportunity for you to place your brand logo front and center. Use it as an outside mat or an inside invitation for shoe removal.
Need a personalized housewarming gift for your clients? Why not create a custom rug for their new home? Having come alongside homebuyers on their journey, you’re probably very familiar with their tastes and style.

Insurance Companies

Liberty Insurance Office Custom Logo Mat

Liberty Insurance Office Custom Logo Mat

Business branding is also extremely important in the insurance industry. With such great demand, it’s likely many individuals will walk over your doormats and interior rugs. Keep your company’s message consistent with a high-quality brand logo rug. By offering strategically placed rugs, you are also ensuring the safety of those you insure. No slips, no claims!
Not a huge corporation? Deliver that personalized, small business feels through a custom design logo rug. Your very own logo rug will help set you apart while keeping your floors clean.

Car Dealerships

Corvette Dealership Custom Logo R

Corvette Dealership Custom Logo R

Few industries rely on brand identification, like the auto industry. Give the customers what they want by communicating with your dealership’s top brands through a custom logo floormat. A Rug Rats custom logo rug offers high-quality resolution as well as durability and function. Placing a mat at each entrance keeps your dealership like your car titles, squeaky clean!

Legal Practices

Law Office Custom Welcome Mat  An environment of professionalism, comfort, and trust is a must for law offices. The message your office space sends is the first one anyone walking through the doors will receive. Highlight your company’s brand with a custom logo rug. Create a space that represents who you are as a firm with high-quality graphics, unique design, and function.
Keep everyone in your practice safe by providing high-end floor protection. Lesser quality rugs will bunch or slip, causing tripping hazards. Who wants to be liable for that?


Custom Church Logo Rug

Custom Church Logo Rug

Your place of worship is paramount to those who enter, and those you wish would enter. Placing your church’s logo on a mat right outside the doors invites people to join you. A custom logo mat is also a great way to send a message. Do you want to communicate service times or places? Create a Rug Rats doormat and let the Spirit do the rest!
The durability and quality provided by your new logo mat or rug will make you happy you invested in such a practical and stylish piece. Rug Rats has something for every budget so you won’t have to pass the plate too long to pay for your great church logo mat.

Veterinary Practices

North Town Vet Hospital Custom Welcome Mat

You want to provide your fur patients and their families with the best quality care. Represent your practice with a unique custom logo rug. You can communicate your style or mission while providing a high-quality, functional focal piece.

Beauty Shop Custom Rugs

Beauty Shop Custom Logo Mat   It’s right there in your name; your beauty shop needs to be beautiful. Clients come to feel pampered and relaxed. Create an aesthetically pleasing experience through a beauty shop custom logo rug.
A strategically placed welcome rug sets the tone for each beholder’s experience. Not only is it fashionable, but a mat at your door will help keep your working space clean.
Once they’ve entered, clients can enjoy the plush feel of a soft and stylish rug at the reception counter. Creating a business logo rug indoors will offer comfort and help you promote your brand in a subtle way. Since brand consistency can increase your business by up to 20%, it’s a very important detail!

Custom Dental Office Rugs

Dee Dental Logo Rug

DeeDental Freeport, NY

If caring for teeth is your passion, you know how many options people have for their dental care providers. Communicating who you are is vital to drawing patients (and their teeth) through your doors and into your chairs.
Custom dental office logo rugs provide your business with a consistent and attractive representation. Having the same logo on your rug and your marketing material will help patients and referring providers remember you.
Besides brand recognition and consistency, custom business rugs provide added safety for your patients and employees. Since caring for teeth can be a messy business, a high-quality rug helps prevent slips from accidental spills and sprays.
Creating your own custom rug will help anxious patients feel calm and safe in your office. You can even create a kid-friendly area or room by using a specialized logo look that will capture the attention of your littlest guests.

Bank Logo Rugs

Coldwell Banker Logo RugBank logo rugs are an excellent way to communicate who you are to your clientele. What better way to advertise who you are than to display your very own logo at your entrance, in your lobby, and throughout your offices?

By customizing size, shape, and design, Rug Rats can work with you to create just what your financial institution needs. Made with high-quality graphics and composition, custom business rugs communicate who you are while standing up to everyday wear and tear.

Displaying your bank or credit union’s logo in a professional manner will help create an environment of trust. A stylish logo rug with a commanding presence communicates pride and confidence to all who see it.

Our Custom Rug Quality

Our custom outdoor welcome mats are constructed with high-quality materials designed to withstand foot traffic and continue to look beautiful for years. We know that successful businesses are going to see a lot of wear and tear on their doormats, so we prioritize durability.
Piazza Central Park Outdoor

At Rug Rats Fine Carpets and Rugs, we specialize in creating Business Custom Rugs for clients throughout the United States.  Our custom floor mats are handcrafted and completely customized to your business, church, school, or military needs. You’ll have direct access to the owner to ensure the end result matches your expectations.

Free quotes are available for all our custom rugs—contact us today for a  project estimate.


About Sandy Henderson

Sandy Henderson is owner of Rug Rats Fine Carpet and Rugs, a small town business with a national presence. Sandy was drawn to materials and design and wanted to explore how we can take charge of the beauty and happiness of our own homes. She earned a degree in Clothing and Textiles, from historic Longwood College (founded over two hundred years ago as a teachers’ college in Farmville, Virginia). Sandy now draws on her 36 years in the custom rug business to help clients all over the US with their custom & logo rug decisions.

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