Who Uses Corporate Logo Mats?

Small Businesses Love Custom Door Mats

Corporate logo mats are all about sending a message, and small businesses need to do that more than anyone else out there. These businesses do not necessarily have 6-figure advertising budgets, so they need to take advantage of every possible opportunity to make an impression on customers and prospects.
Outdoor Corporate Logo Mats   These custom door mats can be positioned strategically to maximize the possibility of those walking in seeing a company’s logo and other branding information. Most businesses go for eye-catching graphics that don’t blend but stand out in their environment, and this means the custom doormats are the first thing customers see as they walk in.

Mid-sized corporations have multiple uses for office rugs

Custom Brewery Corporate Logo Mats

Mid-sized businesses have a bigger financial muscle, but they still believe in conventional methods of enhancing their brands’ visibility. An office needs to have a professional feel to it, and custom office rugs go a long way toward getting that done. Those who walk in need to feel welcome but at the same time recognize the aura of professionalism that needs to permeate around an office.
Corporate logo mats must find a balance between chic and professional. This is because customers need to feel welcome and not intimidated, and an office needs to be cozy and not overly casual.

Personalized welcome mats also work for companies with a global reach
Napa Auto Parts Corporate Logo Mats

Fortune 500 companies may have a hefty advertising war chest, but they understand the value of subtle advertising. They know that corporate logo mats go a long way toward shaping the way their brands are perceived, which is why you would find these logo mats in massive corporations. Personalized welcome mats are commonly found in conference and board rooms, and here, they serve the purpose of informing the customer what kind of business they are working with. These impressions form the basis of how customers, potentials, and the general public perceive a business. The Facebook logo, for instance, conveys the ideals of simplicity and efficiency, which is why welcome mats in that mold resonate with so many customers around the world.

Custom entrance mats are a common fixture in government offices

NOAA Corporate Logo Mats

Governments may not be corporations, but their offices are an important outlet for service delivery. Custom entrance mats are a way for federal and state governments to push their messages and explain the policy to the people. These custom entrance mats need to send the message that the people are welcome and free to speak to officials elected or appointed to help them. A custom entrance mat needs to be simple and precise. Wordy mats with detailed logos tend to be too distracting, so there is a need to align visuals in a way that works with the rest of the décor in a room.

Logo rugs for businesses are also found in home offices
Vintage Gulf Gas Logo Rug

We live in an era of video conferences, zoom calls, and Skype meetings. This has made it easier for people to choose to work from their homes as opposed to commuting to company offices.
Logo rugs for businesses are now found in home offices around the country. They feature intricate colors and graphics that remind the occupant of the office about their company’s mission, which keeps them grounded and on the clock. There are also logo rugs for home businesses that don’t feature company visuals but are designed with the idea of comfort in mind with input from the occupants of these offices.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Corporate Logo Mats

Corporate logo mats are designed to prevent this dirt and grime from being tracked throughout your whole business. The protection they confer to your floors and carpeting will more than pay for the cost of the custom business floor rugs.
Minimize Dirt with Walk-Off Matting by Clean Link

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