What are the Benefits of Door Mats?

Custom door mats are often overlooked when it comes to the decor and safety of a building. While they may seem like a small detail, they offer a wide range of benefits other than creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

Custom mats can be a welcome addition for homes, retail stores, healthcare, enterprises, education centers, and offices, as they fit any building style. They enable you to rebrand your business, increase your property’s aesthetic appeal or improve your home’s indoor air quality.

However, the benefits that custom door mats offer don’t end here. Find out how they contribute more to your business or home.

Step Up Your Branding Game With Personalized Mats

Custom Phillips 66 Oil Logo Rug

Custom Phillips 66 Oil Logo Rug

You can rebrand your business by incorporating your company’s logo, colors, and design in personalized door mats. Whether running a restaurant or a retail store, you can place the rug, including a compelling slogan and design, at the entrance and exit of your property.

This will help create a memorable impression of your business for your customers. If they are impressed by your brand, they may talk about their experience to their friends and family, increasing your chances of getting more potential customers.

You can also use custom rugs at events or trade shows to attract the audience to your booth. A mat with a unique design and strong message will stand out among your competitors and compel visitors to your booth.

Personalized door mats can also promote your business in residential settings like rental properties and apartment complexes. You can create a consistent image of your brand by placing the rugs throughout the residential buildings.

Prevent Slips and Floor Damage With Custom Rugs

When your customers enter your premises, they may bring dirt-encrusted shoes with pieces of gravel sticking to the insoles.

Commercial Entrance Mat

This debris can scratch your flooring, leading to dullness and damage, especially if your floor is made of hardwood or any other sensitive materials. On the other hand, custom rugs placed at the entrance will trap the dirt before the mud and debris can reach your floor, preventing any damage to your flooring.

If you are a pet owner, you can place a personalized rug strategically to prevent the flooring from getting scratched by cat or dog claws.

Moreover, custom mats can also prevent slips and falls. During wet weather, snow or water can accumulate on the shoes. As visitors enter a building, they leave wet marks on the flooring, increasing the risk of slips and falls for anyone entering your premises.

Custom welcome mats come with a slip-resistant backing preventing them from skidding across the floor. Therefore, they provide a stable surface for visitors to wipe their feet. Personalized rugs can also save you a lot of money. You may wonder how?

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) states that slips and falls are the major causes of US worker compensation claims. 85% of those claims are associated with employees falling on wet floors.

Door mats are highly absorbent so they will absorb all moisture from the shoes. Thus, leaving your floor dry reduces the chances of any employee falling. In fact, a study by the Carpet and Rug Institute states that door mats can trap up to 80% of moisture and dirt that visitors would otherwise track into a building.

Personalized mats also provide cushioning for your staff that is used to standing for long hours. Your employees will feel more comfortable standing on the rug and won’t be distracted by sore or numb feet.

Reduce Noise from Foot Traffic With Door Rugs

Noise from foot traffic can be distracting, not to mention it can be a cause of embarrassment for your visitors. Especially in large empty areas, lobbies, or hallways, the noise can be quite prominent. Due to this reason, your clients may refrain from conversing or feel awkward.

Lady Admirals Logo Rug

Lady Admirals Softball Locker Room Logo Rug Gulfport MS.

But fibers in personalized rugs can absorb acoustic waves, contributing to a peaceful environment for your visitors. If you own a hotel, you can use a door rug in the lobby to reduce the noise from people checking in and out. It also makes the ambiance more welcoming for the guests.

Or, if your home has hardwood floors, you can place them in entryways to prevent the noise of visitors entering and exiting your house. Busy areas such as healthcare, hospitals or office waiting rooms, or hallways can also benefit from personalized rugs, enhancing quality care.

Hospitals must especially have a quiet space to promote rest and healing for the sick. Door mats with motivational messages like “This too shall pass, so stay strong and keep fighting” can contribute to a nurturing environment for the patients.

Breathe Easy With Custom Door Mats

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report discovered that shoes could track contaminants in a building. These allergens are the reason for poor indoor air quality, which can bring disastrous results for people with respiratory diseases.

U.S. Coast Guard Logo Rug

U.S. Coast Guard Logo Rug

Custom door mats are made from high-quality fibers that can trap pesticides and bacteria. This will prevent germs from entering your property, reducing the chances of allergies and illnesses and creating a hygienic environment.

Harris Poll survey of over 2000 US adults cites that 9 out of 10 Americans regard a clean home as healthier. Therefore, place a personalized rug at your home entrance to keep your environment healthy. This will also eliminate the need to clean your flooring too often.

Make Your Entrance Grand with Custom Door Mats

From boosting your brand awareness to safety and improving indoor air quality, custom door mats are essential to any space. In addition, they can boost the aesthetic appeal of your property and adds a personal touch to the decor of your building.

You can choose the design, colors, and font of your liking with the help of our easy-to-use online designer tool. Add a logo, slogan, or motivational message so it can remain in your visitors’ memories.

You can select from an infinite catalog of designs at our site to create an eye-catching, unique design that suits your style. So why wait? Experience the benefits of having a personalized entrance today!

Contact us today. Send Rug Rats an email for a custom estimate and more information.


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